Tennis and putting fees in Lamlash

Annual court fees and occasional court hire/ equipment fees

Court fees, for those wishing to pay annually, are due on the 1st of April and cover the 12 month period until 31st March the following year.  There is a discretionary discount of 25% for those paying after 1st July.

Annual fees are for the use of two courts for tennis or other recreational ball sports (such as mini tennis or volley ball) and use of the putting green (if not flooded). These may be paid by paypal on our website ( or by cheque to the Community of Arran Seabed Trust.

Annual fees do not include the hire of rackets or balls.

Annual Court Fees 

Annual fees are £60 per adult annually (equivalent to £5 per month). School aged children = £30.

There is a 25% discount for existing annual fee payers (= £45 per year).

Sessional rates for court hire per hour

£3.50 per player for one hour (Under 18s = £2.00 per hour)

Racket and ball hire £1.00 per hour, per person

Family/ group rate, £8 per family for the hire of one court for one hour


At present the putting green is unusable due to flooding issues. We are working to resolve this. Hire rates when re opened will be as follows:

£2.50 per player for 1 hour period, putters and balls provided


Use of the courts and putting green is open to all members of the public and to tennis or other sports clubs on a first come first serve basis. Annual fee payers who play in groups may reserve a regular slot each week. Please contact COAST for details.

Courts may be hired out on a daily basis for specific events and COAST may from time to time close the courts for maintenance or building works.

COAST welcomes tennis playing volunteers and would like to encourage volunteering to help keep the grounds and courts in good condition.

Please note that Courts 1 and 2 are currently closed and entry to courts 3 and 4 is by the gate on the Cuddy Dook side for safety reasons.

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