Young people give us ideas for The Octopus!

We had a great group of ocean explorers from Arran High visiting the new site as part of their Health and Well being week activities.

After a tour around the facilities they gave us some very good ideas about how to use the public spaces and the workshop/children’s area.

We followed the Arran Coastal Way for a while to make some short videos about what they love about being by the sea. We also managed to ask a few visitors and residents about their feelings about the sea… You can see these videos on Arran High School’s new WILD ARRAN COAST BLOG here.

Back at the tennis courts we tried out some of our new equipment; volley balls, giant beach balls and other games. They would love to see The Octopus as a real community hub for many fun sports, games and learning opportunities. Some suggested pedalo boats would be a great attraction. A giant rockpool, water slides, a soft play area and an area to relax were other ideas.

Sam, Ben and a few others really took to our mascot Curly and Curly’s cub as you can see…

In the afternoon the sun came out to play so we walked just beyond the pier for a very enjoyable rockpooling session. We spent 2 hours looking at the prawns, beadlet anemones, small fish and even found a dead catshark!



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