Phase one of our centre almost complete

I visited the pavilion last week to take a few photos to share with you the fantastic progress which has been made over the last few months, thanks to over 40 volunteers and 600+hours of work as well as the contractors.

The main room with all the plasterwork redone and you can just see in the second image the new fire escape.



Particularly impressive is the spacious attic space with velux windows

BEFORE                                                     AFTER







Good to see the odd original feature too


And the new kitchen!


The outside is looking great, tastefully painted with the base ready for the conservatory

BEFORE                                                     AFTER


It is great to know that local labour and local materials have been used. COAST contracted local joiner Peter Heinemeier and his team to carry out the main works and they subcontracted local suppliers and purchased local supplies where possible from companies such as Country Carpets, Armitage etc.

Looking forward to the completion of phase 1 when the COAST staff will move into the building. Lots ahead to look forward to.

Ann Hume Saturday 22nd July 2017


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