Eggstraordinary Sea Life

We had the first of our “Wild Workshops” this Saturday, 15th of April, where 15 volunteers and over 100 participants joined the COAST team to comb the beach for yummy easter eggs and learn about cool sea eggs and babies in Arran’s Marine Protected Area!

Here are some photos of the pipefish courting dance where Lesley and Catherine helped explain how the male becomes pregnant after a creative shaky dance, flinking plankton models Cicely helped children create, a matching game of eggs, larvae and adult sea creatures led by Hayley and Colin’s wee plankton observation corner with real life samples from Lamlash Bay (copepods zooming in and out!).

Huge thanks also to Ruth and Bea for the photos and videos, to Elspeth and Simon for directing us to set up the new marquee kindly donated by Russ and Elspeth, to Sue for her campervan tea and cake hideaway for volunteers, Robin for his support and Russ and Amy for making sure every child found their easter eggs on the shore…

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